Archived from the original on February 25, Black was later outraged when he discovered that Gene Roddenberry rewrote his script without consulting him or even telling him about it. Nyrian scientist pretending to help Torres with the unexplained transports switching the Voyager crew with Nyrians. It's just such a lazy device, the sort of thing you come up with when you don't really have any ideas. There's a bit in one of Shakespeare's unpublished plays about "yon slumbering saline succubus," but it doesn't scan, and most critics think it's something Harold Bloom stuck in there to screw with our heads.
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10. Phlox And T'Pol (ENT: Bounty)

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43 Hot Pictures Of Jolene Blalock – T’pol Of Star Trek Enterprise

Despite these physical reactions to the latex, she considered the episode as being worth the discomfort. The psychological commentary of "Time" isn't exactly what you'd call subtle why don't we have "secret me" disease? Originally intended as a regular character with intentions toward Captain James T. She undertook a dangerous mission to return a Cardassian double agent, Joret Dal, to his home territory, but was killed in action. Human cyberneticist who created Data , also played by Brent Spiner. The Hollywood Reporter. Daughter of Keiko and Miles O'Brien.
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Star Trek: 10 Sexy Moments That Made Geeks Feel Hot Under The Collar

I'm not a master, but I'm pretty sure chess doesn't work like that. In the end, he loved his sword-fighting scene so much he held onto the rapier for several hours, poking stage hands with it and engaging in mock duels off the set. Due in no small part to the revealing costume, Shahna became quite the cult figure in later years. Sito also appears in various books including the DS9 novel in the Mirror Universe series. When the Enterprise released a larger decoy balloon of itself, the crewman attempted radio contact, but received no reply. This episode was Majel Barrett's debut in the regular series as Chapel , and establishes her love for Spock. Starfleet commodore and bureaucrat Kirk calls him "a chair-bound paper-pusher" who hitches a ride on the Enterprise to his new post at Starbase
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Crater's reasons for keeping Nancy 2 around are probably more personal than philosophical; he's lonely, and she doesn't seem that easy to kill. By and large, Nimoy is the straight man to a crew of stooges, but TOS got a lot of mileage out of pushing him over the edge when it could. She hit the burlesque circuit in Vegas and did some nude scenes in low budget films. At one point we see Shahna rolling around in pain in her skimpy outfit. This article lists characters of Star Trek in their various canonical incarnations. She was also responsible for the loss of the "new and improved" cloaking device after Kirk and Spock "played" her. An incredibly advanced android, Data was constantly striving to be more human, despite the fact he was incapable of feeling genuine emotion for most of his existence.
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